Alright, not long now…

I’ve been holding off posting all the Ghana stuff because I’m about to do a bit of a re-brand and make this site look all cool and pro and bad ass. It’s important to be cool and pro and bad ass, it seems, and I’ve had some exciting emails from travel companies about this page! (So naturally I immediately stopped posting regularly… Logic)

Thanks for holding tight, and get ready to learn about Accra, Kumasi, Bolgatanga, Mole National Park, The Kintampo Waterfalls and the Cape Coast!

There will be fufu. There will be redred. There will be evidence that I can use a pick axe to a mediocre standard. 

Village near Boabang-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

I’ll be writing about my time volunteering with kids in Ghana, and I’d love any photos and stories from other travellers who’ve been there either solo, with friends or in another volunteer group – email anything over to if you want to share a story! Somehow, by magic, I’ve got a pretty high readership, so if you’ve got a blog or a site and want to collaborate just holla.

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